Ethical Stones - executive board

Dr. Vetzlomseva. General Secretary

An M.D specialising in heart surgery with prior medical experience in Cleveland and Perm, Dr. Vetzlomtseva, joined Investdialog Russia in 2008 as a VC investment expert for medical projects.
Additionally, she established the central intelligence office for the Eurasia Industries Group, harvesting various information related to the businesses operated by Eurasia Industries and its affiliated companies. In 2009, Dr. Vetzlomtseva was appointed Manager for industrial coordination within the group, covering all stages of the global value chain; sourcing, research, manufacturing, investment, sales, logistics and post-sales.
In 2014, Dr. Vetzlomtseva became Director of InvestDialog Russia in 2015 participated in the creation of Ethical Stones NGO and was appointed General Secretary of the organisation.

Mrs Wu. Director Asia

A graduate from the Guandong University of Finance and Economics, Miss Peiqi Wu from Shenzen, also holds a business and administration degree from the University of Geneva (HEC).
In 2012, after three years working as a sales assistant for a subsidiary of the Eurasia Industries Group in Geneva focusing on industrial electronics, Miss Wu was appointed deputy director of OLILABís research manufacturing plants in China.
In 2016, Miss Wu became General manager of OLILAB Research and in 2017, she created Maison Moya, a retail network specialised in luxury products.

Mrs Irreno-Beltran : Project Director Latin America

A lawyer from the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Mrs. Irreno-Beltran has a degree with a focus on in Criminal Law.
Furthermore, she is also studying "Global Health and Human Rights" and "International Humanitarian Law" at the University of Geneva.
Mrs. Irreno-Beltran joined Ethical-Stones in 2017 with the purpose to promote Ethical mining programs in Latin America

Mr Ahmadi. Project Director Asia

Holding a Masters Degree in Business and International Trade at the Mahatma Ghandi University in India, Mr. Ahmadi joined the Afghan Emerald Group as sales manager in 2010, and became deputy CEO in 2014.
In 2015, Mr. Ahmadi began working as the special assistant to the CEO of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Mr. Ahmadi began participating in the creation of the Central Asian branch of the NGO Ethical-Stones in 2015, successfully implemening ethical trade policies in the gemstones industry.