Standards for mining and trading gemstones

2017-02 Version


  • Mines and mines operators must be clearly identified
  • Lots and stones from the mines must be recorded and sealed with ethical stones material
  • Alteration and operations to stones lots must be clearly recorded in Ethical-Stones database
  • Legal documentation must be properly established (certificates of origin, invoices, tax forms)

  • Working conditions

  • Prevent children labour in and around the mines
  • Promote trainings of employees
  • Offer decent working conditions according to ILO Standards
  • Enforce safety rules according to ILO176
  • Promote investments in innovative means of production and transformation

  • Quality

  • Promote innovative mining technologies to improve the quality of stones
  • Use only Cedar oil to treat the Emeralds stones, and make sure all the treatments are documented
  • Sample control of the Gemstones by recognized Swiss laboratories.

  • Environment

  • Promote environmentally friendly practices for mining
  • Forbid open sky mining
  • Control the usage of chemicals and explosives.
  • Combining mining activities with ecotourism

  • Local investment

  • Promote the development of local industries related to the gemstones valorisation
  • Promote local ecotourism activities
  • Invest in local infrastructures