Everyone can participate in our value chain, and turn jewelery into an ethical and sustainable industry

Why should you apply ?

  • To improve the image of your products, to build your brand and access directly the jewelry companies through our network

  • What are your obligations ?

  • Apply our standards, use our traceability system and authorize the audit of your facilities

  • What services do we provide ?

  • Traceability management, with Ethical Label
  • Cutting and polishing close to the mines
  • Support for marketing and distribution
  • Promotion of the products in our Show rooms and Ecommerce sites
  • Support for the development of local initiatives promoting local transformation of stones

  • What is the cost for participating ?

  • Free of Charge for miners, From 100 to 1000 USD per year for others
    Sales done by our distribution network are subject to a 8% fee, and cutting/polishing services are charged according to local pricing policy.

  • How to apply ?

  • Contact us by email or phone, we will organise a visit to discuss your project